List of all 44 DLC in Cities Skylines:

1. Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack (Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Arc de Triomphe, Grand Central Terminal)
2. After Dark
3. Snowfall (Snow-Rain-Fog-Trams)
4. Match Day
5. Art Deco (Content Creator Pack)
Unique Buildings: Eddie Kovanago, Pinoa Street, The Majesty
Commercial buildings: Central Hotel, Chirpcinema, Icecream Parlour, Laundromat, Radio Station, Starlight Hotel
Residential buildings: Art Deco Apartments 1-2, Art Deco House 1-2-3-4
6. Stadiums European Club Pack
7. Chelsea F.C Club Pack
8. FC Barcelona Club Pack
9. Juventus F.C Club Pack
10. Paris Saint-Germain F.C Club Pack
11. Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, Thunderstorms, Tsunamis, Forest Fires, Tornadoes, Sinkholes and Meteors)
12. High Tech Buildings (Content Creator Pack)
Unique buildings: Vertical Farm, Nanotechnology Center, Research Center, Robotics Institute, Semiconductor Plant, Software Development Studio, Space Shuttle Launch Site, Television Station, Biodome, Electric Car Factory
Service Buildings: Intelligence Agency – Large Police HQ, Medical Laboratory – Clinic without ambulances, Cryopreservatory – Large Crematorium, Faculty – Small University, Wave Power Plant
13. Relaxation Station (20 Tracks)
14. Pearls from the East (Shanghai Pearl Tower, Panda Zoo, Chinese Temple)
15. Mass Transit
16. Rock City Radio (16 Tracks)
17. Concerts
18. Post Cards
19. Preorder Pack (Carousel, Dog Park, Bouncy Castle Park, Basketball Court, Botanical Garden)
20. The Monuments Booklet
21. Soundtrack
22. The Architecture Artbook
23. Green Cities
24. European Suburbia (Content Creator Pack)
25. Carols, Candles and Candy – Five Christmas carols
26. All That Jazz
27. Magicka theme park (Not connected to Steam)
28. Parklife
29. Country Road Radio
30. Industries
31. Synthetic Dawn Radio
32. Campus
33. University City (Content Creator Pack)
34. Campus Radio
35. Deep Focus Radio
36. Downtown Radio
37. Modern City Center (Content Creator Pack)
38. Sunset Harbor
39. Coast to Coast Radio Station
40. Modern Japan (Content Creator Pack)
41. Bridges & Piers (Content Creator Pack)
42. Train Stations (Content Creator Pack)
43. Sunny Breeze Radio
44. Rail Hawk Radio