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Origin navn: mipe
Server: Vesteuropa1

simcity 5 simnation-guild Answer HQ simcity 5 simcity 2013

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How to download mods:
1. Login to
2. Download the mods
3. Unpack the files an place them in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games/SimCity/SimCityData” folder
4. Start the game an have fun

In Sandbox mode:
Toggle Fire On/Off ALT + F
Toggle Crime On/Off ALT + C
Toggle Health Issues On/Off ALT + M
Toggle Air Pollution On/Off ALT + A
Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off ALT + P
Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off ALT +? H
Add §100,000 to City Budget ALT + W
Toggle Sewage On/Off ALT + S

Dirt road spacing:
1×1 $246x$246
2×2 $438x$438
2×3 $438x$626
2×4 $438x$822
2×5 $438x$1018
2×6 $438x$1214
2×7 $438x$1410
Center = $2016x$2016
2xElectronik building $628x$720

Game problems:
Throw out inactive players
Take over any abandoned city
Delete a great Work
Delete a city to make a clean startup
Upgrade train stations
Tunnels beaneth the water level
Delete all abandoned buildings
New GW (Trash, water/sewer, police, fire, hospital, school)
Region with 16 flat cities
Build bigger cities
Roads (one-way streets, roundabouts, toll booths, on/off ramps)
Better Pictures (MOD)
Zoom out just a little bit more (MOD)
Turn day/night light switching on/off (MOD)
Subway and subway stations (MOD)
– Power overhaul (MOD)
– R-C-I Booster
– More trees (MOD)
– Extended Worker data (MOD)
– Save city to HD
To much traffic at entrance (need more then 1-2 entrances)
Jumping out of tool mode when moving camera and other wierd camera moves
Access to great work from all cities
Switch disasters on/off
Train stations have to many passengers
Gifts for neighbors dosent work
Game crashes and don’t save city
Casinos dosent work properly
Sound problem in large cities
To many disasters
Hard to find free regions to join in
Service cars clump together
Treatment plant dosent clean the vater
Not enough water
No server acces

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